Injured doing CrossFit? Our Physiotherapists in Newcastle can help.


In recent times Crossfit has become increasingly popular as a means of functional fitness training. Crossfit seeks to address all aspects of physical skill development consequently aiming to improve cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. This can be achieved by following an appropriate program that incorporates a mixture of weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics based exercises.  

As you may be aware Crossfit has repeatedly been conveyed in a negative light throughout the media in terms of the incidence of injury. However, Crossfit is like any other sport and subsequently at times extracts cost in the form of activity related injuries. Studies have shown that 70% of athletes training at an elite level will experience injuries.  

The main reason Crossfit related injuries occur are as follows: 

  1. Poor biomechanics 
  2. Training beyond your capability 
  3. Overuse and overtraining 

We as physiotherapists seek to rectify these issues by assessing your injury and specific movement patterns, determining appropriate levels of training and volume and most importantly ensuring that baseline levels of strength and mobility are present in order to reduce injury risk and prevent ongoing pain or pathology. 

We as therapists are passionate about improving your strength, function and capacity!! We will very rarely suggest ceasing participation in Crossfit. Instead, it is our hope to guide you with alternative movements and clearly outline what to avoid so that you can continue to remain active and on the optimal path of recovery. 

Meaghan has an extensive background in gymnastics, participates in Crossfit daily, has her Australian Weightlifting Level One and is commencing her Masters in Strength and Conditioning. 

Crossfit and rehabilitating Crossfit injuries is her passion! So if you are hoping to improve your performance and have a comprehensive assessment in terms of lifting technique and general strength we can most certainly be of assistance! 


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