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Newcastle Physiotherapists for Cricketers


There are basically four facets of the game in cricket, that being batting, bowling, fielding and keeping wicket.  Injuries can occur during any of these phases but the activity with the highest prevalence is fast or pace bowling. There has been shown to be a combination of factors that may predispose a bowler to injury including: overuse (in terms of bowling volume), poor technique and poor physical preparation.

During a day’s play the average bowler will run 5-6 km and walk a further 10-15 km (McGrath and Finch, 1996). On top of this, peak vertical ground reaction forces of 4.1-9 times the bowler’s body weight have been recorded when the front foot is planted.  When this repeated impact is performed between 60-120 deliveries per days’ play, it is obvious that a certain amount of fitness is required.

For batsmen, strains and sprains can occur from the quick take-offs, change of direction and sprinting between wickets. Low back pain can be an issue from the bent over posture required when batting.

Batters, fielders and wicket keepers are most at risk from a direct blow injury for example when a player is struck by the ball. This can cause injuries such as muscle contusions, bone bruise, finger ligament sprains and dislocations.


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