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Thoracic Spine Treatment in Newcastle

Postural Thoracic Spine Pain

Poor posture or ‘slouching’ is extremely common, particularly in office and manual workers. Sustained tension on the ligaments, joints and muscles of the thoracic spine in poor postures can result in significant pain and dysfunction. Long term slouching can lead to degenerative changes and an increased thoracic kyphosis (hunchback). Bony spurs can limit movement and impinge on neural structures causing pain. 

Thoracic Disc Herniation

Herniations or ‘disc bulges’ are less common in the thoracic spine then in the neck or lower back. Disc bulges can occur as a result of a single trauma or repetitive strain.

Costovertebral Joint Disorders and Rib Problems

Disorders of the rib articulations can be a result of postural issues, degenerative changes or a joint sprain related to trauma.

Scheuermann’s Disease in Teenagers

This condition refers to a postural abnormality (usually in teenagers) that is a result of wedging of the vertebrae causing an increased thoracic kyphosis. It may typically present as diffuse pain in the middle of the back and difficulty with correcting posture.

Physiotherapy plays a significant role in all of the conditions listed above. A thorough assessment is imperative to make an accurate diagnosis. Physiotherapy may consist of: manual therapy, a strengthening and stretching program, postural re-education, workplace adjustments and/ or bracing/ taping etc.

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