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Hamstring Specialists in Newcastle

Hamstring tears are the most common soft tissue injury in all of the football codes, and they also have a very high re-injury rate.  Over the most recent 20 years of AFL injury data collection, researchers found that 26% of hamstrings tears recurred within 2 years.  This high recurrence rate shows that hamstrings tears are a well-known, but poorly understood injury.  Despite this disappointing finding, we are much better at understanding hamstrings injury and rehabilitation nowadays.

We know that there are certain risk factors that alter the likelihood of you suffering a hamstrings strain, most of which are inalterable (such as age and ethnicity).  The one risk factor that potentially is variable, and also happens to be the biggest risk, is previous hamstrings injury.  Obviously modern, evidence-based physiotherapy is directed at preventing hamstrings injuries from happening, because once you have suffered a hamstring tear, your likelihood of tearing your hamstrings again is much higher.

Currently, the best evidence that we have for preventing hamstrings injuries is strengthening exercises.  First and foremost, the Nordic hamstrings curl is supported by strong evidence in terms of preventing initial strains, and lessening recurrence - provided you do the work!  Secondly, your ability to reproduce single leg bridges is another way to lessen your chances of suffering a hamstrings tear.

So, if you’re a track and field athlete or if you’re heading into footy or cricket season, you should come down to Lambton Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine for an assessment and advice on helping you dodge hamstring tear bullets.  And if you’ve already torn your hamstrings, we are the people who can help lessen your risks of tearing them again.


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