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What is Gluteus Medius Tendinopathy?

The gluteus medius is the primary stabilising muscle of the hip/pelvic region. Its muscle belly lies over the upper and outside portion of the ilium (pelvic bone) and forms a flat tendon that attaches on the outer surface of the greater trochanter.

When walking or running, the gluteus medius muscle acts to prevent the pelvis tilting to the opposite side when weight is transferred onto one leg.  Weakness and dysfunction of this muscle allows for excessive pelvic movement which can lead to degeneration of its tendon, known as a tendinopathy. 

Acute tears, repetitive strain, or friction of the gluteus muscle against the greater trochanter are all causes of gluteus medius tendinopathy.  This condition is often misdiagnosed as trochanteric bursitis or often the two conditions can co-exist. 

Treatment for this condition involves manual therapy, activity modification, a strengthening program and evaluation and correction of poor biomechanics.

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